In this book you will learn  some of the speed tricks I used that made me a successful log furniture and log hand railing builder.   Reading this book will give you  some of the basics skills you'll need to  know. When I started building log furniture there wasn't anyone out there that would give you any advice on how to build "it was all trial and error".  This book will jump start you into the art of building log furniture. I started out building log or rustic furniture in Denver Colorado . I started out building one piece of log furniture at a time and putting it out in front of an old building I rented. When someone would drive by and buy the piece I built they would ask to see some more of my log furniture . I would have to tell them that was it . I quickly found out that I would have to work harder and become a faster builder.  To make a long story short I soon had employees building log furniture full time.  I was contacted by Colorado Free University  and asked if they could offer a log furniture class and I would be the teacher. I said yes and soon after I was teaching  up to 20 students per class .   Thousands of people have read this book and learned the art of building log furniture, "YOU COULD TOO".  156 pages  16 pages color          Thanks and enjoy the book ,   Les Smith  




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​​Build Your Own Log Furniture the book will teach you how to build log furniture the easy way .In this book you will learn about, LOGS AND MATERIALS,  TENON & MORTISE,  DOWELING, SPINDLES AND RUNGS, HANDLES AND PULLS , BUILDING TOPS, ATTACHING LEGS,  AND FINISHES.  Build Your Own Log Furniture Book  was endorsed by MINWAX.   In this book you will find plans for : Log Step Stool, Log Coat Rack , Log Bar Stool, Log ladder, Log Slab Bench, Rustic Toy Box, Log Night Stand, Log Coffee Table , Log Dining Chair, Log Bed and a Half Log Table.