LOGMAN has been involved in the log furniture and Log Furniture tools  log tools  for over 20 years.  We have also invented and manufactured tools for the log furniture building industry. Les smith is the  owner and inventor of the LOGMAN TENON MAKER, LOGMAN X TENON CUTTERS and now the LOG X PRO LOG TENON CUTTERS.   Les Smith is also the co-author of the book BUILD YOUR OWN LOG FURNITURE. After teaching the art of building log furniture using tenon cutters that go on drills Les decided to invent a tool that would make building log furniture easier . In the classes Les taught he quickly found that not everyone could hold a big heavy duty drill with a pencil sharpener  tenon cutter.  If the end of the logs  wasn't cut flat logs would spin out of the vise.  If a log wasn't secured good in a big vise  logs would  spin out .  If a log starts to spin out of a vise and gets caught  the person making the tenon  would be in trouble.   When the drill starts to grab you can't let your finger off the trigger on the drill .  The next thing that happens the drill lifts you off the ground and you go for a ride.   If your looking to build log furniture or log hand railing and you want something that's fast and easy to use check out our new Log X pro models.  Our new patent pending Logman Log X pro Models will allow almost anyone to build log furniture the easy way.  The Logman LOG X PRO TENON CUTTERS are safe ,affordable and  rated faster than a beaver. 

Logman  manufacturers the Logman X Pro Tenon Cutters in the good old USA in the state of Montana.   Feel free to contact us with questions  406-450-4130

Log Tenon Cutter