The Angle Grinder We Used In The Video Was A  Dewalt model D28115  4-1/2"

Start  Building Your own Log Furniture And Hand Railing

Angle Grinder Not Included

​​​​Not everyone that lands on our site is looking for there first tool to put a tenon on a log.  Alot of the people that come to our site already own one or two tenon cutters that go on a drill.  So why are they looking for something else ? ​Maybe its because they are limited by how many tenon diameters they can make.  Maybe it because it cost to much to buy another one?  Or maybe they had a bad experience like the logs they wanted to build with didn't fit in the funnel of the tenon cutter? Or maybe they tell us they have been using them for a long time and there back is starting to hurt them from the torque of the big drill? Maybe they tell us that they weren't holding the tenon cutter straight off the end of the log end and it caught?  Or maybe the log wasn't tight in the vise and it spun out?  When that happens you get lifted off the ground and you can't get your finger off the trigger. 

Logman Angle Grinder Tenon Cutter will fast become one of the best ways to put a tenon on a log.


​​​​If your looking for an affordable and easy to use Log Tenon Cutter this is IT !  Our LOGMAN ANGLE GRINDER TENON CUTTER will be your best choice  for building your log furniture and your log hand railing.  If you all ready own one of our log X Pro Tenon Cutters you"ll  now be able to  add this new angle grinder feature . If your already building log furniture and log hand railing  you"ll most likely own a angle grinder .

Key Features

This tool will allow you to make 100's of tenon diameters  from 1" up to 6" Dia.

Fast easy set up

Bracket can be clamped or screwed down to a work bench  ,2x4  , 2x8  making it Very Portable.

Comes with one of our 4 1/2" diameter carbide tipped  cutting blades.

Attach a blade to your angle grinder , Secure your angle grinder to the Logman Bracket , Clamp down and start making tenons.

​Comes with a  hose clamp that secures your angle grinder  to the bracket .

​Comes with 2  wing screws or knobs

​Comes with Threaded rod

​ ​

Angle grinders that work have a handle that comes straight off the side  not like mikita angle grinder that come off on a angle. Blade that comes with the Logman Angle Grinder Tenon Cutter only works on a 4-1/2 in. angle grinder not a 4"  

This Is the hottest New log Tenon Cutter

Newest Way To Put Tenons On Logs  !!! 







For The Cost Of one Tenon Cutter that goes on a drill you could own  a Logman Angle Grinder Tenon Cutter That Makes 100's Of Tenon Diameters

Now there is a newer better way to put a tenon on a log