You can get a really good 2Hp motor from Harbor Freight Tools. We have purchased and sold about 150 of there motors and have only had problems with one routers  and Harbor Freight Tools  replaced  it right away.  The other good news as of september  14 th 2015  on there website  they are selling for $52.99 and shipping runs under $7.00 

To go to Harbor Freight Tools online and order one of there 2HP router motors click below.

Router Motors that work on the Logman X models  Pro 1 and Pro 2  all have something in common  , they are round and,,,,,,

The base can be removed and your left with the router motor that has a switch on the top  and the power cord.

The router has a 1/2" collet  so it will accept the 1/2" dia. shank  on the router bits.

The router motor is 1-3/4 HP or more.

Router Motors

Great Lakes Power Tool

  1. Below is a great made in America Milwaukee 2-1/4 HP fixed base router , you can get a router like this at Great Lakes Power Tools. To go to there site click below