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D&L Swing Blade versus other Swing blades or Band Saw Mills: Read our Bulletin (PDF)

The D&L SWING BLADE houses the 180 degree swinging saw giving it many advantages over a 90 degree swing:

Saw guards swing with the saw protecting the operator at all times
Double cutting is easy
Guards remain in place at all times.
The head does not have to be removed and turned 180 degrees to cut back.
Operator can cut from either side of the log.
Large beams up to a 8×16 can be cut without log turning.


The D&L SWING BLADE has been designed to reduce down time waiting for replacement parts. D&L has made every effort to incorporate use of “off-the-shelf” parts to make repair and replacement quick, easy and affordable.


The saw guards shield the operator from the blade at all times. Each saw guard swings independent out of the way for ease of double cutting.

Frame work

Use of stainless steel components provides longevity, strength and added performance.

Engineered Blades

Uses the revolutionary D&L Carbide Tipped thin kerf (1/4″) blade with 6 teeth. The D&L blade makes accurate and smooth cuts and is second to none in the industry. Sharpening can be done in place and in minutes using the standard 12v diamond sharpener and jig. The D&L carbide tipped blade is ideal for soft or hard woods and is being used throughout world.



D&L Twin Saw – 36DTH

D&L 180° Swing Blade Sawmill - 8 x 16D&L 


Power unit 22 HP
Optional 28EFI HP
Log Length 16'6"
Log Diameter 36"
Trailer N/A
Hydraulic Pkg. N/A
Feed Works Manual
Board Return Manual
Track Extension Optional
Log Turner N/A
Diamond Sharpener/Jig Yes
Inserted Blades Optional
Carbide Blade 1
Electric Set works Optional
Transportable Yes
Carriage Transporter Yes
Saw diameter 21"

Kerf ¼"

Whats better than a bandsaw ? a D&L Swing Blade Sawmill.

D&L Timber Technologies is the leading provider of innovative, quality portable sawmills and value-added wood processing equipment.

D&L Timber Technologies is a world leader in the development, manufacturer and distribution of sawmilling and wood processing equipment and solutions. Our customers always have trusted the quality and reliability of the D&L Twin Saw and our newest innovations in Swing Blade technology. Now D&L Timber Technologies offers a wide range of circular and band sawmills, resaws, planers and moulders.

D&L 180 degree Swing Blade is transportable by one man with a standard mobile carriage transporter.

Attachment Options

Slabbing bar for making those wide table top slabs
Planer blade to smooth beams and cants or large slabs
Slab sanding disc to sand those large slabs or beams smooth
Router bit / drill attachment D&L 180 degree Swing Blade is transportable by one man with a standard mobile carriage transporter.

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